Features a central kink in plan, which avoids a direct view towards the neighbors, and leads the main spaces to face the ocean towards the west.  The structure consists of highly customized CLT elements.  In addition to the building’s electrical system, the ventilation system and lighting fixtures are fully integrated.  Siberian Larch timber is used for the façade, the flooring, and the furniture.

A Sauna

A SAUNA is a beach sauna project in the archipelago area of western Finland.  The floorplan is organized under a gable roof with the ridge dividing the spaces into a spa side in the west and a studio space in the east.  The architectural concept is based on maximizing the views towards the ocean and the evening sun direction.


ORTRAUM is actively commencing research and development of solid wood elements.  We experiment with free form elements (e.g. PLYDEN jig projects) and sandwich structures (PLYDEN pac projects).  For the SYMBIOSIS project we developed an infill habitat scheme for refugees. The PASU sauna building components can be purchased through ORTRAUM.